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My re-write of the story of Superman at SuperCharles 
Dragons Unleashed

Prepare to journey into the distant past - the world before the great flood. To meet a different kind of Dragon in a story full of intrigue, action and romance. 

Erock, an antediluvian city founded by a legendary immortal, becomes the home of twin boys, one is destined to be Erock's King, the other to bitterly oppose his brother in all that he does.

A politically ambitious Priesthood reveres a sacred sword called the Chereb attributed to the all-powerful Creator. A Prophetess foretells that the giants, self proclaimed Demigods, hybrid offspring of the Sons of God and the Daughters of Men, rise once more to enslave the world. For an evil, older than humanity, exploits these ancient fraternal hatreds to bring about war, corrupting brother against brother.

Which twin will survive to master the occult secrets of the Spirit World and harness the power of Dragon Fire? Will there be lasting peace or destruction?